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HELISWISS INTERNATIONAL - over 30 years experience with heavy lift helicopters

Heliswiss International maintains branches in Küssnacht am Rigi and in Belp, Bern.

The official business location is situated in Küssnacht am Rigi. Heliswiss International, a subsidiary of the Swiss Helicopter Group, can look back on over 30 years experience with heavy lift helicopters. Thanks to its own fleet of 2 helicopters plus joint ventures with co-bidders from the same line of business, the company is in a position to provide the most economical helicopter with an optimal backup for the fulfilment of each order.

Heliswiss International keeps the following helicopters at your disposal:

1 Kamov KA 32 A12 (payload 5 tons)

1 Super Puma AS 332 C1 (payload 4,5 tons)

From our partners the following helicopters are additionally available:

1 Super Puma AS 332 C (payload 4 tons)

Heliswiss International GmbH, Berlin
1 MIL MI - 26 (payload 20 tons)

For very heavy loads we are in a position to lift and transport parts up to 20 tons with a MIL-MI26.

Our long-term know-how in advising customers and working with helicopters is thus broadly based.

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