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Operations Special operations I-pad holder Kamov KA3211BC certified


I-pad holder Kamov KA3211BC certified

HSI AG crew utilize up to 3 PED`s (portable electronic devices) in addition to a Moving Terrain during their `Special Operations` (SPO). These devises are used for Navigating, Planning, Meteorological evaluations, and as backup in case of system failures. The I-Pads can be mounted in 3 different positions in the cockpit and are supplied with an external power source.

After FOCA criticized the non-compliant installation of the I-Pad holders during an ARC, HSI AG decided to achieve a certified solution.

We have sourced a product which is robust and minimizes vibrations.

Heliswiss International AG Part 145 CH.145.0931 together with Swiss Helicopter Engineering SHE implemented an Italian made product by Airmade SRLS.

Swiss Helicopter Engineering

Airmade srls

Boggi Aeronautics

The additional modules, USB-Clock and USB-Port were developed by our sister company SHM AG as a minor change. This allows us to use 4 separate USB-Ports as a power source.

Several hurdles were decisive for the certification. Our new organizations firstly had to find their way around the requirements laid down by EASA/FOCA. It is not easy to innovate new tools in EASA regulations. However, we see every small certification project as a component of a large certification project. For Swiss Helicopter Engineering, this project was another building block for Part-21 certification.

Further projects are registered and are in the advanced process. The Covid situation has almost paralyzed the EASA. Due to this we would like to thank FOCA for taking over this froject from EASA and brought it to an end for us.

HSI AG supports the initiative of small and medium sized projects in part-21 areas that have been developed and certified by the national aviation authorities.

The I-Pad holder from Airmade SRLS (with form-1) can now be certified for other types of helicopters with Swiss Helicopter Engineering, SHE will develop a customized, certified solution for your helicopter. This in cooperation with existing products, modules and experiences that are available on the market.

For further interests contact us on engineering@she-ag.ch