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Our fleet Kamov KA 32 A12

Kamov KA 32 A12 HB-XKE

The most powerful heavy load helicopter, twin engine with coaxial rotor system and lifting capacity up to 5 tonnes.

Technical data:  
Engines 2 Klimov-Isotov Tv3-117 VMA
Performance 2 x 2200 HP
Rotor diameter 15.90 m
Overall height 5.42 m
Unladen weight without fuel   7'050 kg
Max. take off weight with external load 12'700 kg
Max. take off weight with internal load 11'000 kg
Max. lifting capacity   5'000 kg
Max. flying time 2 h 16 min.
Max. speed 260 km/h
Cruising speed 230 km/h
Max. operation height 5000 m above sea level
Range 538 km

Special equipment for operations such as:

  • Transport flights, construction flights, fire fighting etc.
  • Electronic weighing system for accurate weight control with external load flights, with recorded data