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About us Corporate Mission Statement

HELISWISS INTERNATIONAL AG Corporate Mission Statement

Safety and experience matters - more than just a motto.

Our corporate values
Heliswiss International AG's employees are highly qualified and individually trained experts. With their knowledge and experience they are our company’s main asset.

Heliswiss International AG always focuses all its efforts and activities on its customers and business partners. Safety and experience are among our top priorities and we work actively on safety issues for our own operation and for the industry.

Heliswiss International AG stands for honesty, transparency and reliability. 

Our strengths
Heliswiss International AG places great importance on personally supporting and advising its customers. Our strengths include constructive advice. We constantly strive to meet our customers’ growing demands so that we can provide our services safely and professionally at all times.

Our vision and mission
Vision: Heliswiss International AG is a professional provider for heavy load flights using large helicopters operating all over the world.

Mission: Heliswiss International AG offers the solution for challenging heavy load transport for complex construction projects with its heavy load helicopters.