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Operaciones Especiales Bubble Door KA-3211BC certified


Bubble Door KA-3211BC certified

Swiss Helicopter Engineering (SHE), in collaboration with Heliswiss International AG (HSI AG), has developed a bubble window to replace the original window on the Kamov on the right cockpit door.

The bubble window provides the co-pilot/crew member with a better view of the right side of the helicopter and has a more robust design than the original window. Also, we chose the advantages with a 90° approach to the door so that the distortion caused by the curvature in the optimal field of view could be eliminated. These features increase safety during assembly operations, firefighting and training of the new pilots, where visibility under the helicopter is crucial.

Heliswiss International AG Part 145 CH.145.0931 has now implemented this solution in collaboration with SHE.

Swiss Helicopter Engineering

With this Supplement Type Certificate (STC), SHE was able to obtain its Part-21 certificate and expand its capability list. This project was another building block for SHE to achieve the Part-21 certification. Thanks to Team SHE and congratulations on the Part-21.   

Although this type of bubble door had already been in service for over 8000 flight hours on another Kamov without any problems, extensive test flights had to be made. Taking the Kamov to the limits was not so easy and with a coaxial rotor system it was new territory for all involved. The Kamov is after all a very good helicopter with unique characteristics for our area of operation. With the test flights the basis could be created to push further projects. Many thanks to the test pilots and their flexibility to find new test dates during the ever changing weekly and corona programs.

Further projects will be submitted to EASA soon. In this context we would like to thank FOCA, which had worked out the project with us on the side of the authorities.

HSI AG supports the proposal that small and medium projects in the area of Part-21 should be developed and certified by the national aviation authorities.

If you are interested, please contact us at engineering@she-ag.ch