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Legal notices

All rights reserved. Any (extracts too) utilisation, dissemination, forwarding, reproduction or storage, be it electronic, mechanical, by photocopy or recording, requires prior written consent from the publisher.

The content on this website is checked carefully. Despite this, we do not accept any liability for the content. Subject to printing errors, mistakes and changes. The entire content is protected by copyright. No liability is accepted for the external links’ content.

The use of this website is restricted to viewing the website through a browser. The specific information is provided without any claim to it being correct, complete or up-to-date. The website may not be used for commercial purposes.


Privacy Statement 

This privacy statement explains the type, scope and purposes of collection and using personal data by the responsible provider (HELISWISS international AG, Haltikon 32, 6403 Küssnacht a. R. Switzerland, telephone +41 41 854 32 23) on this website (“offer” in the following) to users.

Access data/ server-logfiles
The provider collects data about each time the offer is accessed (so-called server logfiles).

Access data include: 

  • Name of the website accessed, file(s)
  • Date and time of access 
  • Transferred quantity of data 
  • Record of successful loading 
  • Browser type and version
  • User’s operating system 
  • Referring URL (site visited before) and exit pages 
  • Anonymized IP-address and the provider requesting 
  • Location data (esp. for use of mobile devices)
  • Information about interaction between sites (e.g. scrolling, clicking, mouse-overs)

 The provider will use the protocol data only for statistical evaluations for the purposes of operations, security and optimizing the offer. The provider reserves the right however to review the protocol data after the fact if there are solid indications that support a justified suspicion of illegal use. The data will be stored for 14 months. 

Handling of personal data
Personal data are information with which a person can be identified, i.e. information that can be traced back to a specific person. These include name, e-mail address or telephone number. But data about preferences, hobbies, memberships or which websites a person has visited are counted as personal data.

Personal data will only be collected, used and shared by the provider if this is legally allowed or if he user has granted consent for the data to be collected.

Making contact
When contact is made with the provider (e.g using the contact form or e-mail), the user’s data will be stored for the purpose of processing the request as well as for the eventuality that there may be follow-up questions.

Integration of services and content from third parties
Inside this website it is possible that content from third parties, such as videos from YouTube, map material from Google-Maps, Google Web-Fonts, RSS-Feeds or graphics from other websites are integrated. This presumes that the providers of such content (referred to as “third-party providers” in the following) are aware of the user’s IP-address. Without an IP-address, no connection would be possible and therefore the content could not be displayed in any user’s browser. The IP-address is required for displaying these contents. We make every effort only to use such content the respective provider of which only uses the IP-address to deliver that content. However, we have no influence on whether the third-party provider saves the IP-address e.g. for statistical purposes. 

Cookies are small files that make it possible to store device-specific information on the user’s accessing device (PC, smartphone et alia). They enhance the user-friendliness of websites and make them more helpful to the users (e.g. by storing log-in data). They are also used to record statistical data about the use of the website and make it possible to analyze the web site to help improve it. The users can directly influence the use of cookies when they access the site  https://www.heliswissinternational.com. Additionally, most browsers have an option for limiting or completely preventing the storage of cookies. However, it must be noted that the use and especially the ease of use can be limited without cookies. You can manage many online displays of Cookies from various companies from the  US-website  https://www.aboutads.info/choices/ or the EU-site https://www.youronlinechoices.com/uk/your-ad-choices/

Revocation, change, correction and updating
The user has the right to receive free of charge disclosures of the personal data about him that has been stored. r Additionally, the user has the right to demand correction of incorrect data, blocking and deletion of his personal data to the extent that no legal retention periods prevent this.

Goo­gle Maps
This website uses the product Google Maps from Goo­gle Inc. By using this website, you give consent to the recording, processing and use of the automatically recorded data by Google Inc., its representatives as well as third parties. The terms of use can be found under “Terms of Use for Google Maps".

Google Tag Manager
Using the Google Tag Manager, marketers can manage website-tags using an interface. The Tag Manager itself, which inserts the tags, functions without Cookies and does not record any personal data. The Tag Manager only provides for the triggering of other tags which fort their part record data under certain circumstances. There are explanations of the various third-party providers in this privacy statement. The Google Tag Manager does not use these data. If you have disabled Cookies in your settings or otherwise deactivated them, this will apply to all Tracking-Tags which are used with the Google Tag Manager, the tool will not change your Cookie-settings.

It is possible that Google will ask you for permission to share some product data (e. g. your account information) with other Google-products, in order to activate or simplify certain functions, e.g. adding new Conversion-Tracking-Tags for AdWords. Additionally, the developers at Google will from time to time check information about product use in order to optimize the product. Google however will never share data of this kind with other Google products without your consent.

Use of Font Libraries (Google Webfonts)
In order to correctly and display our content with graphics a across multiple browsers, we use font libraries on this website and specifically font libraries such as Google Webfonts (https://www.google.com/webfonts/). Google Webfonts are used to avoid repeated font loading into your browser cache. If the browser does not support Google Webfonts or prevents access, content will be displayed in a standard font. 

Accessing font libraries or font collections automatically triggers a connection to the provider of that library or collection. It is possible that the provider will then collect data based on use of services.

You can find Google’s privacy policy, applicable also to font libraries, here: https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/