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Our fleet Kamov KA 32 A11 BC / KA32 A12

Kamov KA 32 A11 BC / KA32 A12

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The most powerful heavy load helicopter, twin engine with coaxial rotor system and lifting capacity up to 5 tonnes.

Technical data:  
Engines 2 Klimov-Isotov Tv3-117 VMA
Performance 2 x 2200 HP
Rotor diameter 15.90 m
Overall height 5.42 m
Unladen weight without fuel   7'050 kg
Max. take off weight with external load 12'700 kg
Max. take off weight with internal load 11'000 kg
Max. lifting capacity   5'000 kg
Endurance 2 h 16 min.
Max. speed 260 km/h
Cruising speed 230 km/h
Max. operation height 5000 m above sea level
Range 538 km

Special equipment for operations such as:

  • Transport flights, construction flights, fire fighting etc.
  • Electronic weighing system for accurate weight control with external load flights, with recorded data